A Letter To The Couple In A Long Distance Relationship

This is a letter to the couple in a long-distance relationship. If you are in a long-distance relationship, you are in the right place. Or do you know a couple in a long-distance relationship? Shoot this to a friend who might be in one.

long-distance relationships

Dear Couple In A Long-Distance Relationship,

I want you to know you aren’t alone.

Even on those really hard days when all you need is a hug from your partner, but you can’t because you aren’t in the same place. Believe me, I know how you feel. I was right where you are, two years ago. And we were in one for a total of 5.5 years.

There were many beautiful times and some hard times as well.

Sometimes we were apart for longer and other times we got to see each other more frequently.

There were people who understood us and our journey, while there were some who didn’t get it and questioned us. And rudely. But I want you to know, people can be small minded when it comes to things they aren’t familiar with. Don’t blame them. Be patient with them. Smile and wave.

There were people who believed in us and others who didn’t want it to work out.

But the most important thing was… that we saw each other as important and that we MADE time for each other.

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You’ll hear many people’s opinions and thoughts on how they think you should do it. But the most important people to listen to is each other and yourself. What do you want?

I also want to encourage you to stay strong. I know it can be hard, especially when there are disagreements and the easiest way to solve it seems like hanging up on your partner. But trust me, that isn’t the answer. It’s never been.

Share your thoughts and feelings with each other. Try to set a date when you won’t have to be apart any longer. And make sure to set mini goals, for when you’d like to see each other again.

Communication is the major answer to all the problems. Problems can be solved and prevented with good communication.

Also take the time to surprise your partner. My husband paid me a surprise visit to propose.

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P.S. You Have This!

I just want to encourage you, because so many voices are screaming the opposite. I want you to know it’s possible.

Here’s a photograph to prove it:

long-distance relationships work

We made it.

That definitely means if you and your partner work on it, you can also thrive in your relationship.

A Note About No-Distance Relationships & Long-Distance Relationships:

It doesn’t matter whether you live in the same house as your partner or whether you live across the world from each other. What matters is that you bridge that distance. I’ve known couples who live together and are further a part than Johan and I were, when we were in a long-distance relationship.

Just because a couple is close together and in the same place doesn’t mean they are better communicators or more committed.

Here are some tips to remember:

  1. Just set your eyes on the horizon.
  2. Talk to your partner.
  3. Set dates when you’ll see each other again.
  4. When is the end of the distance? Set a date.
  5. Stay committed and be strong.

You have what it takes. Your partner has what it takes. I know you can do it. Be strong, my sister or brother in the distance. Go and love your partner. Show them you can bridge that distance better than anyone.

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Are you bridging the distance? If so, where from?

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