5 Things I’ve Learned From Submitting A Short Story


1. Write everything down.

I’ve found over time, that I write my best stuff when I write it out longhand on paper and then import it into the computer. Some people are also the same way, while others are completely the opposite.

My point with this step is make sure you write everything down. It doesn’t have to be perfect at the beginning.

Never written a short story?

2. Get a group of supporters. 

I love that I have a group of supporters. They really are wonderful. Another good term for them is “people who are willing to give you a kick in the butt and remind you to work on it”.

It’s nice, when you are going about your life and you are reminded by people of your projects. It makes you live up to your word and stay accountable. If you said you were writing a short story.

Write it.

Finish it.

Ship it.


3. Don’t procrastinate.

I am guilty of this. A few weeks ago I got really sick, so being sick put me back a bit. Procrastinating is never a good thing.

Make sure you schedule your days and allow for enough time to work on your short story (and don’t make excuses for yourself). Set a deadline so you finish. So you can ship it.

4. Got beta readers?

Do you have beta readers? If so, awesome! I do and I love having them.

Send that baby off. Your beta readers will get back to you with their thoughts, comments, and edits.

If you don’t have beta readers:

• Ever met people who have shown interest in your writing? Ask them if they’d be interested.

• Put a call for beta readers out on social media. You’d be surprised. I’ve found beta readers on there.

• Ask friends.

5. Make sure you have everything correct before you submit it.

I find this extremely important. These are the things that are going to either make you seem professional or unprofessional.

Read the submission’s guidelines:

• Are you including everything you should be including?

• Did you spell editor’s or publisher’s name correctly?

• Did they ask for a short bio and/or a photo for the bio?

Remember to be professional.

Short Story Perfection (Or at least getting it as close to perfect as you can.)

• Did you read through your story countless times?

• Did you edit it?

Have you ever submitted a short story for publication? What are some things you learned from submitting your short story?

4 thoughts on “5 Things I’ve Learned From Submitting A Short Story

  1. Always enjoy reading your work, even when I have to keep asking!
    Procrastination? Doesn’t that mean: Waiting till the best ideas come and you can do your best work? 🙂 In a very short time?

    1. haha… thanks! 🙂 Yes, that is the one approach I take to procrastination. It seems when I do procrastinate that, that is when I get REALLY close to the deadline and do my best work. I wonder why? I might have to start tricking myself by telling myself it’s due earlier and then I will be procrastinating my own deadline. 🙂

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