What Hollywood Forgot to Tell You About Long Distance Relationships

I had a great year abroad, but soon I had to go home.

I was halfway between Hawaii and Australia when all I wanted to do was jump out of the plane to ease the restlessness in my legs. I walked down the aisle every few hours and that wasn’t enough.

Couldn’t I be there already? I aimlessly scrolled through the movies and found countless romantic comedies about couples living oceans apart. I chuckled silently, while thinking, Hollywood doesn’t even have a clue when it comes to what long distance relationship couples go through.

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Long distance relationships are romanticised much like everything else in Hollywood. Hollywood knows about the excitement and beauty of long distance relationships, but they stop there. They really don’t show the truth behind the long distance relationship story!

Many people fall for someone with a different accent thinking it will be easy like it is in the movies. And long distance relationships can in fact, be blessings, the couple just needs to equip themselves properly.

Communication is the key

It’s extremely important for those in long distance relationships to keep their communication line open. Technology has made it easier for people in long distance relationships.

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Technology shortens the distance. Whether a person is across the country from their lover or across the world… communication will hold them together. Whether that be through text messages, snail mail, Skype, or picture texts  of each other throughout the day.

Movies are unrealistic

In the movies, you don’t see the character struggling to come up with money, tickets, or visas. Do you?

They just have them.

If those parts were included in the movies, the audience would be groaning by the second hour.

You usually only see the characters flying out and landing.

There are also painful and tough decisions that the couple will need to make concerning where they are going to live.

Hollywood makes it seem a lot easier than it is, like at the end of Letters to Juliet, Charlie tells Sophia that he would leave London, “as long as you are waiting for me on the other side”. It just makes a person swoon.

Realistically, though, there is a lot more conversation that leads to that conclusion.

Trust and patience

Relationships in movies never have depth.

They really don’t.

They move so fast and many are not built around trust. Usually…

Couples in long distance relationships have to trust – if they don’t it will end.

Patience is important in many different levels. Sometimes couples will be on different time zones, different sleep, and work schedules. Patience isn’t easy, because sometimes a person just needs a hug, but they have to wait a month for that hug.

Remember to have fun

The movies barely show when the couples are apart.

And in long distance relationships, that’s a given. It will happen.

But in Hollywood, that is really all off the screen. Although, If they ever do show it, it’s usually about a minute long segment filled with sad sounding music where the characters are glancing off into the distance thinking about their partner.

You know what I’m saying, right?

After that, they are together again. So easy.

It doesn’t go that fast in real life.

In reality, long distance relationships have to come up with exciting new ways to keep it fresh.

  • Find games to play; there are many fun game apps.
  • Online scavenger hunts where they give clues toward some surprise.
  • Read a book together or watch a movie.
  • Get them surprise gifts.
  • Send them letters in the mail.
  • Take pictures of things that they might like throughout the day.

Many young long distance relationships end after they’ve run out of things to talk about, which is sad.

I think people have forgotten something, though… when couples are together in the same place, do they talk nonstop?


A person in any relationship shouldn’t have to talk nonstop. Silence is okay.

In the movies, everyone is usually extremely supportive of the couple, but sadly it isn’t always like that in real life.

I wish it was.

Some people will be encouraging, but there are those who discourage or try talking the couple out of it. It’s hard to ignore, but the couple must. You must.

Even though reality doesn’t measure up to Hollywood’s glitz and glam, a couple that survives the distance will experience their own Hollywood moments. Trust me!

My fiancé came to America to surprise me and then brought me to the Black Hills in South Dakota to propose to me. It was much to beautiful than Hollywood. With trust, patience, a good sense of humor, and love a couple will be able to go the distance.

With trust, patience, a good sense of humor, and love a couple will be able to go the distance.

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3 thoughts on “What Hollywood Forgot to Tell You About Long Distance Relationships

  1. I LOVE this! And it is so true! It is NOTHING like what Hollywood depicts! I remember when I finally moved to North Dakota and we did our taxes for the first time since the move… Holy moly we spent a FORTUNE on plane tickets and other expenses to travel to see one another! I cannot imagine what it would be to Australia!

    p.s. LOVE your new header! It’s SO cute! And very much YOU!

    1. Ahh, thank you Jenny! Isn’t it crazy what Hollywood leaves out? They leave out so much – in all areas of life. Plane tickets do sure suck up the piggy bank, pretty fast, but it’s definitely worth every dollar. But, yes… flights to Australia can be crazy expensive.

      I am so glad you love the new header. Me too! Glad it gives of the “Devin” feel. Had been playing around, but am super happy to have found a good fit. 😀

      Thank you so much for reading the blog and for commenting! Have a good day!

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