3 Ways Writers Misuse Repetition

I’ve just come out of the Revision Prison for a break to connect with you all. It’s been a crazy few weeks on the editing/revising side. In the editing/revising stages you find all the ways your novel isn’t working and the ways it is working. And I want to talk to you all today about one thing that puts a damper on our stories. It’s “repetition”.

3 Ways Writers Misuse Repetition

During edits many writers feel like “everything is awesome!” isn’t what their book is. Remember your book is awesome. But after the edits and revisions it will be “AWESOME AWESOME!”

1.) Actions

As I’ve been going through my scene cards, I’ve found something. There were a few spots in my book where characters were running or walking to the next scene.

Just to show you, here are some of the scenes.


…running through forest…  I started asking myself, “Does this really add anything to the story as a whole?”



Walk back… And, again I asked myself again, “Does this really add anything to the story?”


Walk to Courtyard… I found myself wondering, “Does this really add anything?”

And again the answer was…


Make sure your transitions add something to your writing. If they don’t – delete them. (I know this isn’t easy! But, it will make your story and characters more focused and more AMAZING!)

2.) Words

Another thing I found while editing through my novel were the overused words.

In my last edit (number 2-3) I got rid of the overused 10 cent words (like, that, there, was, were, started, while, and, had, to, as, could, looked, I, he/she/they, just, and ect.)

These words are alright to use, but just make sure you don’t overuse them.

In this edit I found descriptive words that I’d repeated in the same sentence more than once in the same sentence – haha… which is also a no no!


3.) Scenes

There are also spots were certain scenes or conversations have been

repeated. When revising make notes about whenever scenes, conversations, or anything else is repeated. This will widely help you during your revisions.
This edit will be a full on one, but I am so pumped. This book is improving with every edit!

What has helped you cut out repetition?

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