3 Social Media Etiquette NO NOs

Nothing can ruin your platform faster than a lack of social media etiquette.
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If you were going to any kind of social event you would want to leave a good impression and you would be on your best behavior. Which, makes sense, right?

But, I feel like in our lives today – we do a lot of connecting through social media and forget to practice our social skills, if that makes any sense?

3 Social Media Etiquette NO NOs

1. Rudeness Will Ruin Your Professionalism (Click to Tweet)

This is so important. I have gotten emails or notes from people who followed this (NO NO) rule.

Make sure you know what kind of impact your words have on the world. Because you have the chance to make yourself a better person or the chance to tear your name to shreds in the professional world.

A few things to think about when messaging people
(On email, Facebook message, Facebook, and twitter)

• Have I said this in the kindest, and most professional way possible? Do you remember the movie, Bambi?


Take Thumper’s advice here… He is a brilliant rabbit.

• Don’t use swear words or negative/angry speech.
(This seems like common sense… but you would be surprised. Many people use these kinds of words in what should be professional notes. It really screams unprofessional.)

• Is there a hint of sarcasm anywhere in the note? If so, delete it. Sarcasm isn’t professional.

• If the note, message, or tweet isn’t written in a professional way.

Don’t send it.

Backspace until it is all gone.

Take a deep breath and

ask yourself – what is it that I want to tell this person? And why? Write kindly.

2. Hijacking Someone’s Wall Will Get You ‘Deleted’ or ‘Blocked’

This is common courtesy, but in the Facebook world it seems that people have forgotten this golden nugget. And people think they have a “Right” to blast their opinions and thoughts all over people’s statuses.

A Few Things to Think About When Writing
On Someone Else’s Status

• Do you want to respond to someone’s status? (If so ask yourself these questions)

  • Why do you want to respond?
  • Do you want to prove someone wrong?
  • Or preach about how they are living their life wrong?

If any of the statements above were answered with a yes, or a maybe… do not comment on their status.

One bad thing about social media today, is that we all think that it’s “all about me” and that we have the right to comment.

But honestly, it doesn’t help. So, just don’t go there. Be professional.

3. Taking Over Statuses Will Most Likely Get You ‘Deleted’ or ‘Blocked

You know, people who comment on other people’s statuses and then dominate the whole conversation by making it all about them. They have a comeback to everything that every person comments on. They HAVE to HAVE the LAST WORD.

This is a big NO NO.

People don’t want to get so many updates from Facebook about one person who is taking over their status with so many comments when it isn’t even their wall or their status.

A Few Things to Think About So You Don’t
Get Labeled A Status Stealer

• Are you tempted to comment more than once under a person’s status?

  • There is an exception here: If the person who wrote the status asks you a question, then go ahead and respond. They are asking you a question.
  • If the person hasn’t responded to you – wait till they do. Or if someone writes something funny, you can respond  – just don’t keep responding. Because that becomes a nuisance.

• Are you responding to other people (the friend’s of the person who wrote the status) more than the person who actually wrote the status?

  • If you said “Yes.” – step back from the keyboard and do not comment anymore. This is a sign you need to stop.

* All of these points can be used social settings, as well as social media.


2 thoughts on “3 Social Media Etiquette NO NOs

  1. For the most part, I have done as you say, above. When I was new, I made loads of mistakes. Now I’m an advocate and have written about it myself numerous times. Status stealers – so annoying, right? I have my FB pages set so people can only comment and if I feel a comment is rude or disrespectful of others, I will delete it. I was getting new connections turning around and posting their new blog, book, etc. on my FB page! Thanks for bringing this to light, Devin.

    1. YES!!! Status stealers are very annoying. But that is so true… if something is rude or disrespectful on there… I delete the comments too. I am glad you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading. Have a good night.

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