Our Best Long Distance Relationship Advice

Johan and I gathered our best long-distance relationship advice for you, because we know how rewarding long-distance relationships are and want to encourage you!

I know that from the beginning of ours, I’d wished someone would have told me how to make ours the best we could.

Tip #1: Talking in your relationship

In the first few months of being in a long-distance relationship, you talk a lot throughout the day and week. There is so much to talk about because you are getting to know each other and you’ve been together, so you have some battery to go on. It seems so exciting.

But then after a few months, you feel like you know everything about each other (even though you don’t) and then it feels like you don’t have a lot to talk about except for the everyday things like “How was your day?” or “What did you do today?” And then after that, it gets quiet.

We want you to know, that’s FINE! It’s normal. Those quiet moments also happen in same-place relationships as well. You’ll just continue to make your own stories and memories together.

Tip #2: Go visit one another

Go visit one another. You have to go visit each other to see what their world is like, where they live (and meet their family and friends), where they shop, and where they grew up. You have to see each other in person, do exciting things, and everyday life. You’ll understand how they became the way they did.

And by going to visit you’ll build stories together. Then, when you are in a long-distance relationship again, you’ll have funny memories to talk about. Those memories are now connected to that specific place.

Tip #3: Don’t put your relationship in unnecessary risk

In our world today and in Hollywood, you always see that long-distance relationships never work, it’s because people are ignorant and not careful. Also, people expect each other to cheat. When you are in a long-distance relationship don’t go hang out with a person of the opposite sex the whole time and think everything is going to be fine. Even if you don’t have feelings for them, you are still putting your relationship at risk.

Don’t think we are saying to stay in your house and be a hermit with your cat.

You can go out and live your life, you aren’t a prisoner of your relationship. But you want your partner to feel at ease if you were to tell them what you are doing, that they’d be fine with it.

Tip #4: Trust your partner

This is the other side of tip #3. You have to trust them and you can’t be jealous or insecure. You are going to drive them crazy if you are always asking second guessing what they’ve been up to and show your insecurity with what you say.

Do things in a way that won’t risk your relationship, but in the same breath, trust them and believe in your relationship.

Tip #5: Enjoy every minute

Don’t wish your life away. Enjoy the now. It’s not fun being away from your partner, but find a way to enjoy the alone time as well. It’s important to be happy and content with yourself.

Find hobbies and goals. Your life doesn’t just have meaning when you are with your partner. You also have meaning when you are apart from each other. Make the best of the in-between times.

Tip #6: Surprise them

Another thing, we’ve found helpful, is to know your partner’s love languages and surprise them with little gifts in different ways.

A couple years ago, I moved to Las Vegas, and Johan sent me flowers, a mug, and chocolate. It was the best feeling. Here I didn’t know anyone, but yet, my boyfriend was thinking of me and wanted me to feel home.

It made me feel loved.

Be Strong

Long-distance relationships aren’t for the faint of heart, but it’s doable. We want you to know you can overcome anything when you stand together to bridge the distance.

You’ve got this!

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