Adopt A Grandparent For Christmas

I’m just taking a break from writing out my WIP scene cards for my book. I wanted to come on here and let you all know about a great mission I’m setting out to do this Christmas.

A Family-less & Lonely Christmas

When I was little my dad took us to see my grandma Doris at the nursing home. We always made time to go and see her, but there were many grandparents there who really never had any visitors. That really shocked me. Especially in that time of their life, they weren’t getting the support and love they need from their loved ones. And I know it’s hard and we don’t know everyone’s stories.

One time as we walked into the nursing home, my dad whispered to me and my sister and brother, “Now, remember that everyone here was once your age.” That is a life-grounding statement for a young kid. I think a person forgets that, even though they shouldn’t.

This Christmas I Want To Give To Those Who Might Not Get A Christmas Gift This Year

I’m going to aim at getting 60 gift packages together for the 60 residents in a small nursing home in rural Minnesota.

And this is where I’ll need your help. I need to get 45 more gift packages together so all the residents get a gift for Christmas. So if you and your family are thinking you might want to give a gift to a grandparent then you are in the right place.

adopt a grandparent, Devin Joubert

The total for adopting one grandparent is $32.25 (after tax) and with that you will be the reason they will be sure to get a gift this Christmas. The gift will be wrapped in a Christmas stocking and will include a Mary Kay hand cream and a mint bliss foot cream. Each gift will come with a hand written note as well.

If you’d like to give a gift to one or five grandparents, I’d love to have you join us.

For Adopting A Grandparent

When you adopt a grandparent, I’ll update you with pictures and behind the scenes sneak peeks so you can see the diffference you are making this Christmas!!

Want to help?

If so, text me at: 701-446-8762 and let me know how many you’d like to adopt.

I can take Square Cash, Paypal, and Venmo. When you text me, I’ll send you my details.

Look forward to hearing from

P.S. If I get more than 60 sponsors, I’m going to try do another nursing home as well!


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