8 Ways To Feel Together When You Aren’t Together For The Holidays

It’s that bittersweet time of the year again, isn’t it?

It’s the time of the year where there are parties and get together’s. Your work might even host a dinner or get together, but since you are in a long-distance relationship, your partner isn’t here and if you are going to attend, you will have to attend without your plus one. That makes for a lot of awkward moments and stares. Maybe not, but that’s at least how it feels when you see your coworker with her husband or your boss with his wife. Everyone has their partner there, except for you.

8 Ways To Feel Together When You Aren't Together For The Holidays

9 Ways To Deal With Not Being Together During The Holidays

I know how hard this is. Your partner would be there in a heartbeat if they could, but it’s just they aren’t able to, because of where they are and where you are. Distance can be a jerk sometimes.

In this post, you’ll find out some things you can do to make the holidays easier for you and your love.

1. Don’t be puzzled

One year, I sent Johan a letter every day for a month. And inside the envelope was a letter filled with a note and a couple pieces of a puzzle.

I’d written on the back of the puzzle before sending it to him, (actually though, I think my sister and dad put the puzzle together. I’ve never enjoyed puzzles. I always get bored and drift on to something else.) Then I wrote on the back of it.  After that, I dived the puzzle into different envelopes and added notes to each one.

It was a way to make Johan feel loved and thought of. It really worked.

2. Do a 12 days of Christmas

You’d want to plan this at least a month ahead though, because it can get too difficult.

The 12 days of Christmas begins 12 days before Christmas! Remember it’s important to keep it unique. Think about things that your partner would like.

I also like to encourage people to write a thoughtful handwritten note for their partner for each day. And it’s super cute if you match the item you are giving to the note or tie it in, in some sweet way. Then whenever your partner uses it they will think of you.

Or you could even write your note on the back of a fun photo that you guys had together and then give that to your partner with the gift for the day. Then at the end you could give her or him a photo album to put the pictures in and future pics.

3. Skype

If your family knows and is close with your partner, set up skype during Thanksgiving or Christmas eve at some point where you could all chat.

4. Send something to them via delivery

Have you ever sent your partner flowers with a note. Or a pizza that says I love you spelled with pepperoni? I know cheesy, (wow, I am good with these puns) but something even as simple as that shows them you are thinking of them.

5. Take pictures of your holiday & traditions

Share every moment with your partner. Try to do it in a way that isn’t going to make your partner feel like you are pointing out “You aren’t here and you should be.” They know that. Instead when you send your partner pictures, make sure they are pictures that show your partner a little more about who you are and the traditions you grew up with.

6. Get your partner’s friends and family on board

Ask your partner’s family and friends to do things for you. Think of it as in a sense that they will be your elves.

7. A box of letters

Pick out a number of pretty envelopes. Let’s say one for every week till you will see each other again. And then write a note for each one.

Another way to think about this one is to send your partner a bunch of letters inside of a box. Label each envelope with something like: “Open when you…” and fill in the blank with “lonely.” and go on from there. Another one could be something like “For Christmas when we won’t be together.”

8. Set up a surprise visit

I want to mention this one here, because it’s a biggie, but boy is it appreciated when it happens.

If you think you’d have a little time to go see your partner.

Even just a week? Set it up. But make sure you plan this early on. It may also be good to get the help of your partner’s family or friends so they can help cover your tracks and plan so you aren’t found out. That’s what Johan did when he came to surprise me.

8 Ways To Feel Together When You Aren't Together For The Holidays

Cherish Every Conversation & Every Moment When You Are Together

It’s never fun being separated from each other during the holidays. It’s a time of the year when family and significant others are super important and it’s just nice to be together during them.

Have you ever been apart during the holidays? If so, did you do anything special to bridge the distance during the holidays?

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