The Wishing Well

I was in Minneapolis this last weekend with my husband and we went to the Mall of America. In one of the newer sections there was a fountain.

how to be positive

Tons of kids were throwing pennies into it.

It got me thinking about what started the whole tradition of throwing pennies into water. And what “made” it magical enough to grant wishes.

We threw a penny into the reflecting pool along with a wish of course.

I looked up some information about what created those traditions. In the times of old, people would throw pennies as payment to the guardians or dwellers of the well in order that they might grant their wishes.

Isn’t that interesting. It’s interesting how folk-lore can inspire pop culture. And things people have been doing for years and years, people still do even if they don’t know why, other than to make a wish and throw a penny into a well.

In case you didn’t know where the tradition came from, now you do.

If you could make one wish, what would you wish for? *Remember your wish must be for the good of you and all humanity.

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