Breathe {How To Speak Well}

Have you ever tried saying something and then the eyes around you start to wander. Or maybe you try to say something and you end up stuttering?

It’s really aggravating when your tongue and speech don’t want to work with you.

When people’s eyes glaze over or wander I feel like Stanley here.

Want to be a better speaker? I really want to.

Here are some things that might help you with speaking in public better:

  1. What is your goal? Keep that in mind.
  2. Create a short outline with bullet points on what is of most importance.
  3. Keep it short.
  4. Talk confidently and stand up/sit up tall.
  5. Breathe.
  6. Before speaking, take a little time for yourself. If you have a meeting in 10 minutes take a break and go to a quiet place and do some quiet breathing exercises.
  7. Cut out words like “uhmm…” and “like.”
  8. If you know what you want to talk about, go into the meeting with the concept. Don’t memorize all your sentences.

Do you have any speaking tips that we missed?

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