Why Are People Encouraging Division?

I have been thinking a lot about Facebook recently. There is so much negativity, hate, and division on there.photo-1453974336165-b5c58464f1ed

I can definitely see the division in our country when I’m on there. And what makes me so mad is that it really seems like Facebook isn’t doing anything to make matters better. Why is the country so divided?

Why is it okay to be rude if you don’t agree with someone?

There is a young lady, Tomi Lahren, who is speaking out. Finally, someone is speaking out about all the problems that most people are either avoiding or aren’t speaking out about on main news channels.

I majored in English/mass communications and I was taught that the media is supposed to be society’s “Watch Dog” but lately it’s seems more like the media is acting like the president’s play poodle lap dog.

When are more Americans going to stand up?

I decided to reach out to Tomi to tell her that she is doing the right thing. If I were getting attacked for doing good, I’d have wanted people to stand up next to me.

So I wrote on her Facebook page and then…

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 2.14.14 PM


And I never said anything mean.

But then these two people wrote under my comment. It was hate speech. How could someone say such rude things. These are words that separate people and don’t unite people.  Why is it that when it comes to all of these Black Lives Matter and radical groups that they are extremely hateful and mean.

These are words that separate people. They don’t unite people.  Why is it that when it comes to all of these Black Lives Matter and radical groups that they are extremely hateful and mean.

I reported the comments to Facebook to have them removed. But to my surprise, I got a response that said that Facebook doesn’t consider that hate speech. When was it ever right to tell someone to eat a D***? Or saying that someone’s dad is a clansman? Or when was it ever right to say that all whites should burn? To me, that sounds like racism and hate speech.

Seriously? Is this what humanity has come to?

A few other people also reported those FB comments but got the same responses from Facebook.

I seriously can’t support something that is so evil. I am thinking about taking a break from Facebook for awhile. I can’t support a platform that doesn’t stand behind the values of America or that supports hate speech and the act of tearing apart the country.

Visit Tomi Lahren’s Facebook page and you will be sure to find more trolls speaking out hate against her. Give Tomi some love. And if you get a chance… report the trolls who are doing “hate speech”. Maybe Facebook will finally do something about it.

This has never been an okay way to act.

Shame on you Facebook!

2 thoughts on “Why Are People Encouraging Division?”

  1. I am catching up here. I agree, Facebook needs to take a look at what they consider hate. And I think what gets me most is that haters seem to think they should have the right to their views but don’t want to allow the same thing for others.

    In my opinion, the media does NOT look at the different issues in a fair, balanced, unbiased way. They pick and choose what to cover and then tell the story from a certain perspective to cater to a certain audience.

    As far as Facebook, it is full of trolls who think they are being big shots by being rude online. In general, I think the best way to handle trolls is to not respond to them. They feed off of responses and love to argue with people. It takes the wind out of their sails when they don’t have anything to respond to. Tomi shouldn’t hesitate to block these haters and delete their comments as much as possible.

    It’s probably wise to choose your battles carefully. There is a balancing point that can be a challenge to find. I don’t hesitate to speak up when necessary, but I mostly use Facebook to share funny comics and talk about what I enjoy. Facebook isn’t necessarily the ideal place to deal with issues, although people should have the freedom to do so if they want to. The Internet does have its good and bad points.

    Whatever the case, people should be able to share their views without having to deal with nasty responses, and I do not think people who respond that way would like it if someone did that sort of think to them.

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