Are You A Cupcake In A Cookie Cutter World: How To Be A Linchpin

how to be a linchpinThis is a very cookie cutter filled world, but what if you are a cupcake with icing and sprinkles instead of a cookie? If you aren’t like everyone else there is a good chance that some people will think you are “different” or “weird”.

At CoSchedule, where I work, I read Seth Godin’s book LinchpinFor anyone who hasn’t read it, it’s a brilliant piece of artwork. I loved it.

In his book he speaks about how some schools “stamp out insight and creativity” now that doesn’t mean that there aren’t good teachers out there because there are good teachers out there, but as Seth said much of society wants and trains people to be cogs in a machine. And that goes against being a Linchpin.

When I was in kindergarten, my teacher told my mom that I was creative and that people would want to change me. She told my mom to not let them. And sure enough when I got into higher grades some teachers thought It was weird that I was always dreaming and using my imagination. Some didn’t, but some did.

The world couldn’t use a cookie cutter on me.

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I feel bad though, because there are many kids back then and now-a-days who didn’t/don’t have their parents there to say no to things like that.

Linchpin really reminded me that you shouldn’t let the world stamp on your uniqueness. No matter how bad it tries.

5 Things That will Help You Be A Linchpin

  1. Create every day.
  2. Put your heart in everything you do, whether that be at work or in your personal projects, also when you communicate with people around you.
  3. Always strive to learn more and to become better at what you do.
  4. Love what you do and do what you love.
  5. Stand out.

You don’t become indispensable merely because you are different. But the only way to be indispensable is to be different. That’s because if you’re the same, so are plenty of other people. – Seth Goadin, Linchpin

Now, go out and create beautiful things while being different. Stand out! Shine!

What are some things that have helped you stand out?

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