How To Get Exercise In The Extra Moments Throughout Your Day

Do you sit a lot? I know I do, because I work at a computer. I write and edit for a living so I sit at my desk to get my work done.

Do you struggle to find time to work out throughout your day?

I’ve struggled to find time to work out, but one of my top 2016 goals is to get in shape and that means that I’ll have to add small increments of physical fitness into my day throughout the day.

I know that is probably on many people’s resolution’s list,┬ábut this year it is a must not only because I’m getting married in June. (By the way, I found my dress! It’s gorgeous!) I want to feel healthy and live a nice long life.

wedding dress

I’m sure you want to look amazing this year too!

Things You Can Do Throughout Your Day To Get Exercise

I work from 9-5 and most of that time is spent at the computer. I’ve been playing around with some awesome ways to add exercise to your work day. I hope these help you add some movement to your day.

how to exercise

1. Take A Walking Break At Lunch.

There is research that you are more creative and productive when you take walks.

“Creative thinking improves while a person is walking and shortly thereafter…” says Standford research.

For the past few weeks, a co-worker and I have been taking a break at around noon-ish to take a walk around the block.

Some things to try to implement this into your life:

  • Ask a friend at work to go on a walk with you. (Don’t let weather get in the way of this. I live in North Dakota and it gets really cold here in the winter.)
  • Get a pedometer to count your steps.

2. Take The Steps

Are there stairs in your work place? If so, go up and down the stairs a couple times throughout the day. (I’d try to aim for 5-7 times a day.)

Something that has helped me set out when to get up to walk is to set alerts on your phone to go off when you want to get up to walk.


3. Do Some Squats

Either go out in the hallway or any empty room. You can even go to the bathroom to do these discretely. They are good for your legs and stomach.

4. Drink Water

Drinking water will help flush you clean and it will also help you get more walking in, since you’ll have to go to the bathroom more often.

5. Shoulder Blade Squeeze

Imagine placing a nut between your shoulder blades. Push your arms back so that your shoulder blades squeeze together.

This is a good middle of the day exercise to do during your break. Refresh your back and do some forward stretches too.

6. A Minute Exercise

Set the timer for a minute and do as many of these as you can.

  • Jumping jacks
  • Air punching
  • Run in place
  • Run up and down the stairs as many times.

How To Get Exercise After Or Before Work

Wake Up Early

Either wake up early to go to the gym or go after work. One awesome way to prepare for this is to pack your gym bag the night before and put it by the front door so you don’t forget it the next day when you head out to work. Then you have no excuse not to workout after work.

If you don’t have a gym membership, look into some fitness classes or fitness videos. Get a good 30-minute sweat session on before making food.

Want more awesome tips on getting fit when you feel like you have no time to? Get “Creating A Fit Life” on sale! There are some other awesome and creative tips and tricks to getting to be who you want to even when you have a little time.

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