Creating A Fit Life With What We Eat

Creating A Fit Life is launching on October 20th! I am so excited about this book. It’s an inspiring book that will encourage you to create your best life possible, so that you can create your best work.

Being fit and happy is a combination of a few different habits stuck together, such as: fitness, eating, and mental health checks. In Creating A Fit LifeI love introducing the readers to fun activities to help them create a fit life.

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Eating is essential. Our food is our natural medicine.

Have you ever had food poisoning? I have. It’s a bad experience. But it’s also a good example of how eating the wrong things can trigger the wrong chemical reactions inside of us.

Eating healthy food will energize us.

Start out small.

Set a few small goals for yourself.

Is that to start eating healthily? Or to drink more water?

Make small challenges to encourage your healthy journey forward. I know from experience that jumping into a ton of healthy things all at once can be hard, so that’s why I recommend picking one thing and focusing on that for awhile before adding another healthy habit into your daily to-dos.

For more tips on creating a fit life, be sure to check out this book!!

What is your FIRST goal? 

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