Having Your Own Writing Retreat

Quick note from Devin: Today is my Mom’s Birthday! Check out her site here and wish her a Happy Birthday!

Last weekend I declared that I’d go on a writing retreat. Really that writing retreat consisted of staying at home and writing. I really believe that as writers we need to be doing that more.

So here are some tips for having your own writing retreat. I am planning on doing that again next weekend.

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What you need to do:

1. Set the dates.

2. Give something up. (Are you a tv show junky? Or do you waste a ton of time on the internet or on social media? Give something up and instead use that time to write. Sit down and get words out onto the page.)

What You Can Do To Add To The Experience:

  1. Candles – Get some that smell like evergreen trees or an ocean breeze. Use it to trick your mind into believing you are really away some place else on a writing retreat.
  2. Free writing by hand – I never realized how much you can pull from free writing, but really you learn so much about your characters and yourself when free writing. Try free writing from your characters point of view, as though they are writing it. (During the week go out and buy yourself a new notebook or journal. You are going to write in it at your next DIY Writing Retreat.)
  3. Create Musical Playlists – Get on Youtube and iTunes to look for music that relates or feels like your story.
  4. Read a Prompt Book –  I’ve been loving the 90-Day Novel. Every day there are prompts that get you thinking about your story, characters, and the world it’s set in.
  5. Your favorite hot drink – I love hot chocolate and Teavana Tea!

Have you ever done your own writing retreat? If so, how’d you make it special? Did you get a lot of writing done? What would you change?

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2 thoughts on “Having Your Own Writing Retreat”

  1. This sounds like an awesome recipe for a DIY writing retreat, Devin! I love candles but I don’t use them nearly often enough – I’m going to do that next time I settle in for a writing marathon.

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