5 Things I Hate About Long Distance Relationships

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There are many amazing things about being with someone you love. But sometimes It can be hard, especially when you are separated by an ocean. Here are 5 things I hate about long distance relationships & some things that will help you through them.

1. Saying “See You Later” at The Airport

It’s one of the worst feelings a person in a long distance relationship can experience.

You embrace one another tightly. Almost as though you’ll never let go, but then you must.

Que: tears…

You watch them go into security. They move farther and farther away from you until you can’t see them anymore.


  • I usually go to the cell phone park area and watch for his plane. When it passes the cell park I get out of the car and jump up and down, while waving. (He’s seen me.)
  • Notes. Exchange notes for each other to read. Once Johan put sticky notes with encouraging lovely words all over on the inside of my car. (He said he forgot something… but… I don’t think he did.) haha…

2. Time Zones

Seriously… sometimes you can’t chat because one is sleeping and the other is at work.


  • Schedule a time.
  • Text each other your itineraries.
  • Make it a priority to chat. (Skype or FaceTime)

3. Misunderstandings & Fights

In long distance relationships it’s a bit harder when things aren’t going well. Sometimes the smallest things can be blown out of proportion.


  • Make time to talk it out.
  • Nip it in the bud.

4. Not giving or getting hugs & kisses

And I’m not talking about the chocolate kind. Some days you just want a hug.


It’s a little harder with this one.

  • Hug a pillow.
  • Have a good cry.
  • Take a bubble bath.
  • Skype or chat with them.

5. The Distance

You are going the distance. You have to find ways to make the distance seem smaller. Are there things you could do to brighten their day?

Johan sent me flowers and chocolate my second day in Vegas.

IMG_5822It meant so much to me. Made me feel like he was closer. 🙂


  • Send some flowers.
  • Send a letter or package with some things that will brighten their day.
  • Surprise them with a visit. (Read about the time Johan surprised me, here.)



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