Devin’s Massive Editing Boot Camp Tips

Are you currently editing your novel?

I just finished editing my novel (the 6th time around)! Here are some hearty tips that’ll definitely help you get through this edit. If you are just beginning your editing journey, be sure to also check out this link.

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Do you have a manuscript that you need to edit? Do you have a deadline coming up?

This month I’ve been doing my 6th edit of my manuscript. I am almost done. Only have 10 chapters left.


I started this edit on January 29th and if everything goes as planned I should be done tonight. (February 16th).  That means that this edit will have taken 18 days to finish.

Devin’s Massive Editing Boot Camp Tips 

  1. Derrière en de Chair
    That rhymed. I have had issues with this one in the past before. I think it’s my restless leg syndrome combined with my awesome procrastination skills. I want to do anything OTHER than EDITING.It’s important to get that Derrière en de Chair time and to make sure that while en de Chair you do your work. Set an alarm if you must. I usually just work on the chapter until it’s done and then I move on to the next one.
  2. Make Goals
    How many chapters are you going to edit a day?I recommend pulling out your calendar and your planner and marking it up. Write down how many chapters you want to edit each day.
  3. Give Yourself Free Days
    Make sure you give yourself a rest day here and there, but not too many. You want to finish that edit.
  4. Get Up and Move It!
    Go for a walk or a run with your dog. Do something away from the computer, preferably outside.

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    Read… go to church… and/or watch a movie in the same genre as your manuscript. Do something that will fill you up again.I’ve found when I’m editing I have a tough time reading, because I’m constantly reading my edits, so I find myself going towards other forms of media.
  6. Have Your NEXT PROJECT In Mind
    Something that really got me through this edit was thinking about my next project and also thinking about getting published. I really want 2015 to be my year to get an agent and maybe a publisher? *hopeful look* There is only one way to get both of those… first, you need a polished manuscript. That is a good starting point.
  7. Stick to YOUR GOAL… FINISH IT.
    I know there are times when you absolutely don’t want to work on it. But make sure you do.editing, writing, Devin Berglund, running, blogging
  8. Stinky Chapters…
    Are there chapters you just are not looking forward to editing? The kind that bores you, while editing?If so, delete it. And rewrite it.(This is a bad feeling to have about a chapter… rewriting it will help.)If you are hating it or almost falling asleep, while editing it – imagine what your readers are going to think. (I almost feel bad for my beta readers who read through some of the chapters I found I hated this edit around. But, let me tell you… I deleted what I wasn’t happy about and rewrote it.)


I hope these tips help you with a massive edit!

What are some of your editing tips?

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