Tips For Not Going INSANE When Your Blog Isn’t Working…


MY BLOG IS BACK UP!!! PARTY IN THE HOUSE TODAY!!!! (Click the link to celebrate with me, by sharing this post on Twitter.)

I was away for the past few days.

But, when I got back, which was late last night I found my website in disarray.

All my posts & pages were gone. Nowhere to be seen. Not only were they missing on the website, but they were also missing in my WordPress Dashboard.

Do you know how frightening that is? If so, or if not, read on. Great tips for not going insane when your website isn’t working.

5 years of writing just disappeared… (Click to Tweet.) That is a frightening thing for a writer to experience.

1. Don’t Panic. Period. (Breathe.)

I didn’t know what to do.

2. Check Your Plugins & Themes

Do you need to update your theme that you are using?

If so update your theme.

Are there themes that you aren’t using, that are just sitting there? If so, delete them. Old and unused themes (& plugins) are easy ways for hackers to come into your blog. Then they can mess with your site.

Once a hacker entered my blog and put a viagra overlay over my header on a few of my pages. How embarrassing, right?

Try to avoid this at all costs.

3. Backup? 

I am very guilty of this. And as a writer you’d think I’d be good at backing up stuff. BUT… I actually hadn’t backed up my blog for a few months. So, a lot of my blog posts wouldn’t have been there.

LISTEN… Back up your blog posts!!!!! It could save you. I know it will definitely save you from feeling like a sitting duck. (honestly, I don’t even know where the sitting duck saying came from… but isn’t, that a funny image?)

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 1.23.45 PM

How To Back Up Your Site –

In the dashboard, Click Tools and then Export. Export will allow you to save a backup onto your computer. Save it in a safe spot where you will remember it. I recommend naming a computer file Website Backups and then save them in files by date. Better to be safe than sorry. 

How To Restore Your Site –

And then, if you ever need to restore your site go back to your dashboard and Click Tools and then Import. It will allow you to pick out a file you want to restore to.

4. Be Careful With Your File Manager.

Messing around with code when you don’t completely understand it, could get you in trouble.

I found that calling up your hosting company helps, but beware. Sometimes they will want to charge you for the smallest things. Check out all your options before you give them any more money.

(Side note: I guess the “Sitting Duck” saying comes from hunters. It’s easier to shoot a duck if it’s sitting than one that is flying. Interesting thought for the day. haha…)

Man, though… I am so happy I have my past 5 years of writing. And guess what? I have it backed up. AND I WILL BACK IT UP EVERY WEEK FROM NOW ON.

Have you ever had issues with your website? If so, what are some tips that helped you?

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