The Importance of Having a Deadline

Deadlines are Important

IMG_0530Today, I’d like to introduce my writing/beta reader buddy Evan Walter Scott Morgan. (What a writerly name, right?) Give him a warm welcome.


When an aspiring author hears the word “deadline”, they think of a writer frantically pounding away at the keys of their computer or laptop, steam coming from their ears, their eyes wide and bloodshot. They need to get their manuscript to their publisher on a certain date that is coming up very soon, and they have barely written anything.

You as an aspiring writer thinks, “Thank goodness that’s not me!” While you may not have a publisher waiting for you to submit your latest offering of blood, sweat, and tears, this still partially applies to you. In fact, it applies to all writers, no matter what stage in their writing career they are in at the moment. I have a deadline for when I am to finish my current novel, Heavenly Lights: End of March 2015. In fact, I have a deadline for certain word count goals. For example, my current my deadline is to reach the 30,000 word mark next week. I also have deadlines for when I am to finish my second, third, and fourth drafts. I even have a deadline for when I want to release the novel. Although it may seem ridiculous to have a deadline for so many things, it is what keeps me going. If I don’t have a self-imposed deadline, I find myself delaying, and eventually, coming up to the deadline I set and feeling like a failure for not having finished anything.

For some, setting a deadline just isn’t enough. It can be easy for some of us to say, “Oh well. Maybe next time,” when a deadline passes. If you are one of these kind of writers, I suggest that you find someone to be your accountability partner. It could be anyone, but I implore you to find someone who truly cares about what you do. Those people will be the ones to keep asking you if you are on track and kick you in the butt if need be. Also, if they are also a writer, you can be their accountability partner in turn!

So, set your deadline, find an accountability partner, and get writing!

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