Blogging Schedule Update

1017713_10100202527262180_1667856215_nI’ve decided that I need to come up with a new blogging schedule on here, because the next few weeks will be getting much busier with my summer job and sending my book out to agents. I am also working on a new gift for all of my email subscribers.

If you want this gift, when it comes out please click here to subscribe for my email updates. You will get extra things other readers don’t. The NEW gift book will be a book on the writing life. It will have chapters to help any writer in this fast paced world. Also, if you sign up before I finish this booklet on writing – you will also get my urban fantasy short story “Hope For Another Day” (Read more about it here).

Monday – Beginning of The Week Post

On Mondays, I will post about anything that interests me. Travel, love, faith, crafts, challenges, health, long distance relationships, and life.

Wednesday – Writer Wednesday

On Wednesdays, I will write about things writerly related, which means it could be a tutorial, my thoughts, blogging, marketing, a writer’s guest post, or other writer type things.

Other Days

I will probably blog on other days of the week if I feel led to share something.

For now this will be my blogging schedule – so you will know to expect a new blog post every Monday and Wednesday.

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 What are some topics you’d like to see on my blog?

Share with me, I want to know your thoughts.

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