If You Could Accomplish One Thing In The New Year… What Would It Be?

The New Year is Coming!
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In the year of 2014, if I could accomplish only one thing it would be to find an agent/publisher for The Mason of Hearts. Maybe you could count that as two things, but yes, that is what I would accomplish if I could choose to accomplish anything.

The Mason of Hearts is a phenomenal story that is really close to my heart and I really can’t wait to share the story and the characters with the world.

The Mason of Hearts Schedule
• Now – Finish read through and make small changes.
• Late December – Send to critique buddy.
• January – Make edits.
• February – Send to Beta Readers.

I am currently doing a quick read through of it and at the end of this month through to the beginning of January it will be with my critique buddy. I hope to get the story out to my beta readers by early February or before – depending on how my next edit goes.

I have a few spots open on the Beta List. If you are still interested, fill out the application and I will get in touch with you soon after. I hope to send out emails to everyone in the beginning of January sometime.

How about you? If there was one thing you could accomplish in the new year. What would it be? And why?


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