NaNoPrep Blog Series Part 3 – More On Character

 Are You Ready For MORE Character NaNoPrep?

1.) Get Together With Other Writers

•Have everyone sit around and ask a question (take turns. Example: what do you hate?)
•After asking the question, everyone should spend 2-3 mins (Set the timer!) answering the questions from your character’s point of view. (Write it out in your notebook!)
•When the time is up, take turns reading what you wrote in your character’s voices.
•Let your character come to life!

2.) Go Through Some Magazines (Or Pinterest & Flickr)

•Figure out what your character looks like.
•What do they wear?

3.) What Would Your Character’s Facebook Profile Look Like?

•What kind of groups and pages would they like?
•What pics would they put up?
*SKETCH IT OUT – or check out this link to an empty Facebook template. You can print it and then add pictures and writing.

What are some prompts that you have found helpful while getting to know your characters better?

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