4 Things You Should Never Say To Couples In Long Distance Relationships

4 Things You Should NeverAre you in a Long Distance Relationship? Or do you know someone who is?

The other day I got a hair cut, which I really like. The stylist I usually go to wasn’t in, so I had someone else. Which was a bother because once you find someone nice who cuts your hair, you don’t want to have someone else. Am I right?

It’s always interesting when you sit down to get your hair cut. This stylist asked me a question that reminded me of a few things that really bother me. I told her my boyfriend lives in Australia. And her response?

“Hmm..” followed by an awkward silence.

I really don’t like some people’s reactions when they find out I am in a Long Distance Relationship. They should be happy I am in love with someone who loves and cares for me as well!  But what kind of responses do I (and other Long Distance Couples) get?

  1. “Hmm..” followed by an awkward silence

  2. But, isn’t it hard?

    Of course it is! But that doesn’t mean you have to point it out even more. The girl or guy in a long distance relationship already knows that.

  3. Is it serious?

    •When a couple goes the distance it usually means they are dedicated and committed.

    One time a pastor even asked me this question. He said, “Oh, so is it serious? What’s the next step? Breaking up?” I was so appalled that I wouldn’t be surprised if my mouth dropped.

  4. Stink Eyes & Silence

    •We are normal people.
    •Once I was on a tour bus with a friend and my mom. I was telling the friend about my boyfriend and such. A bit later a rude lady in front of us turned around and started telling me about her daughter’s experiences abroad in China as a teacher.

    “Thank God, she didn’t fall in love over there.” A few moments later she asked me why I was in Australia. I told her I was working, traveling, and spending time with my boyfriend.

    “Why is your boyfriend over there?” After I told her he lives there. She made a face and was silent. I could have heard crickets. She totally gave me the stink eye.

I just thought I’d put together a small list of things to help people in their communications with couples in Long Distance Relationships. After you asked (what you thought was) a simple question it could actually bring stress to your friend.

One Piece Of Advice

  1. Talk to them like you’d like someone to talk to you. Ask them questions about their boyfriend/girlfriend. Get to know them through that person.


If you are in a Long Distance Relationship or ever have been (Or know someone in one),

what was something people would ask you (or your friend) from time to time?

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7 thoughts on “4 Things You Should Never Say To Couples In Long Distance Relationships”

  1. I hated the pity looks. ‘Aw! That’s so sad!’

    Well, it’s a bummer, but I don’t have leprosy or cancer.

    I never had someone get snarky with me over it. No one I interacted with cared enough to be angry over a decision that I was making, so I guess I was lucky in that regard. Long distance dating is definitely not ideal, but it’s much more doable with things like skype and email. Imagine WWII era? Totally different.

    1. Yes, haha! The pity looks are rather annoying too.. I’ve gotten that too. Definitely agree with you about that… it’s definitely not like we have some disease! It makes ya feel like it sometimes. But I just smile and shake it off my shoulder.

      But it’s so much more doable with Skype – yes!! Imagine even while we were growing up with how little technology would have helped, since computers were so much different back then.

      And back then, think about the long waiting periods for the mail??? Uffda!

  2. Well, I started dating my now husband three months before he joined the national student exchange. We had a long distance relationship for a semester. He ended up moving back a semester early. But during that we talked on the phone every night (which is huge for me since I hate talking on the phone) and we even had date nights where we played online poker or watched a movie (we presses play at the same time and kept each other on the phone).

    During that time a few people treated my relationship as sad (one even went far to say as unhealthy) because I was working so hard to keep our relationship not only strong, but bigger than every day before. In the end, he came back home and we got married, so the joke was on the doubters 🙂

    1. It’s really interesting, because I’ve met many people who have had to at one time or another to undergo a long distance relationship at some point in their relationships. It is becoming a big thing, I believe. Although, it is sad how some people tend to treat couples in long distance relationships, isn’t it? I know what you mean – exactly about the whole people treating the”relationship as sad or unhealthy…”, which is sad.

      I laughed when you said that you two played games online and that you watched a movie together, while staying on the phone with each other. We’ve done that too. haha… 🙂

      I am very happy to hear that you and your man made it work despite the distance. It’s inspiring to hear other people’s stories. My man and I have been together for almost 3 1/2 years. He finishes his Architecture program next year! So, the time is coming closer when we will be together for ever. 🙂

      I so want other people in long distance relationships to know they aren’t alone in it.

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